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News and Updates


Weekly Dungeons

A New Adventure Every Week

Challenge yourself in the Khalarant Labyrinth, the first of Shadowtale's new random dungeons. The layout changes each week, there are new progressive repeatable quests, and boss monsters that feature special rotating high quality equipment drops available once per dungeon per week.

Weekly Dungeons

Edgewood has been revitalized with a beautiful new look, the level cap has been raised, and new items have been added to the stores.

Weekly Dungeons

You can find the Khalarant Labrynth next to the Coliseum in J'hahenstar. Remember, the dungeon resets every week so you have a limited time to finish your dungeon quests! We're working on a party system and a slew of new dungeons at different levels, so you can adventure together with friends.

Weekly Dungeons

The Catacombs

Venture Deep Below the Desert

We've released the first two Catacombs episodes, along with a level cap increase and some great new armor! You'll prepare the antidote then venture into the depths to retrieve the Queen's body... but beware of the ghastly fiends that dwell there. You'll find a friend in Neeli and her son in the depths below, but can they be trusted to help you?

The Garden Maze

The Gravelands

Put on a Helm, Reunite the Slipshards, and Reach the Queen

Your travel through the Royal Maze takes you to the spooky Gravelands Slipshard, where you will fight demonic creatures and reach the Spirit of the Maze itself! Reaching the Queen to warn her of the Vizier's plan will take training and skill. Her solution to the problem may surprise you!

Each week we've been releasing a bunch of great new items and this week is no exception! We've just put in a bunch of cool new armor, a baby tiger pet, new furniture, and now there are helms and hats to wear! Check them out at the arsenals.

The Garden Maze

The Slipshards

The Royal Maze Reveals its Hidden Twists

Once you've acquired the root of Oris, Je-An Jah will make a potion that allows you to see the hidden entrances to the Slipshards! Battle through these exciting mirrors of Kyros, inhabited and ruled by the Stone Sentinels, to untwist the maze from the Vizier's curse and reach the Queen. We've added some great new house furnishing items, and even a new pet - Pigball! Another level cap raise and the final chapter of the Royal Maze is coming next week.

The Garden Maze

Features Galore

Tons of New Features and The Garden Maze

Wow, a huge release! We've added tons of great new gameplay features all at once.

  • Pets. They fight with you and can level up! Buy pet food to keep your pet strong in battle.
  • Upgradable armor, weapons, and shields. You can really customize your look now by purchasing upgrades for your favorite items!
  • Player Housing. You can buy a house, furnish it, and have friends come over to hang out!
  • Buddy List. You can now add people to your friends list. You'll see when they're online, can message them from anywhere, and you'll end up on their server.
  • Item Preview. Now you try things on at a shop before you buy!
Housing and Pets

There is word of a serious problem for the Queen, and she needs your personal help! Je-An Jah will send you on a wide ranging new quest that takes you through the J'hahenstar Palace Garden Maze, into strange new places, and eventually to the Queen herself in this three part mainline quest series! We'll be releasing new updates to it every week, along with raising the level cap and adding new items. There's never been a better time to be a Shadowtale player!

The Garden Maze

Digging Deep

The Depths of the Mines Revealed

New Dwarven Mine inhabitants emerge as you discover Ance's secret plot, and help Gaithra dispell evil. You'll have to battle the Darkness Demon in each of its three forms! The townfolk of Silverine have miniquests for you to do, and adventure awaits.

Dwarver Mines Quests

Desert Quests

Three packs of quests!

The people of J'hahenstar and it's surroundings have a lot for you to do! We're releasing a new set of Burning Desert quests every few days for the next week. Lots of new skills are in development, and we have some really cool new weapons on the way.

Burning Desert Quests

Upgrades and The Dwarven Mines

New User Interface and Features

We've added lots of great features to the game in one big patch!

  • You now heal any time you are not on a screen with monsters, and if you die you can just run away instead of having to go back to the inn.
  • There's a new user interface layout with bigger XP bar, better character portrait locations, graphical buttons, etc.
  • A new quest bar shows you the goals for your current quest and what's left to do.
  • We added a new mapping system that shows you where to go for quests.
  • Blocking is easier now - just press the right mouse button, the period key, or the Z button.
  • You can now use the arrow keys, Z, and X to play.

Aiding the Rebellion

A new mainline quest takes you deep into the Dwarven Mines in order to help the Queen's rebels fight back. The level cap has been raised, and now stops at the beginning instead of the end of a level. New equipment for high level characters has been released, and even some new miniquests around the Goblin Caves.

Dwarven Mines

The Gladiator Progression

Level Up Your Gladiator Rank!

So, you've defeated Larcia's hardest arena battle. But you haven't seen the new set of gladiator rank quests in our newest Quest Progression! How many are there? You'll know when you beat them all! (Hint: 30)

Coliseum Exterior

We've also added some great new hairstyles and will be adding even more very soon. Lots of exciting new stuff is coming up: a big set of user interface improvements, new weapons, a return to the Dwarven Mines, Saving the Queen, and more! Take a look on the forums for more info on what's to come. We hope you're enjoying all the new content as much as we're enjoying making it for you!


The Burning Desert

A New Area and Mainline Quest

North of J'hahenstar lies the Burning Desert, a seemingly inhospitable place teeming with life. To aid the queen, you'll need to assist in a jailbreak.

We got a really enthusiastic response with our last set of rolling releases, and we're going to try to keep the pace brisk. If you haven't beaten the arena trainer battles yet, now's a great time to try - our new release schedule keeps the top content most challenging while gradually making recent releases easier to beat.

Burning Desert

Rolling Releases

Arena battles, Seeking the Queen, and New Features

The Seer sends you on a journey to find the Queen of J'hahenstar and discover how you may aid her and her country. We've also added a ton of cool shields, and blocking is about to get much easier to do in the upcoming patch.

We're trying something new with rolling releases - we'll be releasing new arena battles, a level cap increase, and changes to the game's user interface every few days for the next week or two starting Monday June 15th, so check back often!

The Dundra

J'hahenstar Ahoy!

A Great Desert Oasis

The Dundra and the Great City of J'hahenstar have been released, along with two new levels and an epic new quest! We've worked extensively on the stat system and item enchantments to make them simpler and easier to use, and tweaked fighting to be more fun, including adjusting the monster AI and allowing you to gain XP from any enemy no matter its level. More of the weapons and equipment are now being sold in the stores, giving you more choice in what you wear.


There's something new for everyone in this release. We're still busy working on new features and of course lots of quests and beautiful new areas to fight in.


Marsh Questing and Elusive Ingredients

More To Do in the Marsh and Out

We've released a bunch of new quests, available from the Wicker Marsh. Even Claudius has a new one, though you'll have to finish certain Marsh quests before he can give it to you...

The level cap has been raised, and there are some really amazing new areas, monsters, and features coming up, including a buddy list, many more skills and classes, and Kyros's third resting point: the great city of J'hahenstar.

The Dundra

The Wicker Marsh, Enchantments, and Stats

New Area and Features

King Thargen knows that only the Seer can help you read the Dragon's Eye of Ruby. But what will she see? Journey through the treacherous Wicker Marsh and conquer its magical creatures to find out. The level cap has also been raised another two levels, and equipment drops have been increased a lot!

We're releasing the first two of a whole slew of new features this week. A new stat system fixes the food pricing issues that have existed in the past and lets us offer enchanted equipment that can specialize your character. Want to run faster? Get Thief equipment. Want to deal more damage and stun enemies for longer? Get Fighter equipment. Each enchantment type specializes in three or four of the new stats: Defense, Accuracy, Agility, Dexterity, Strength, Resilience, Power, Spirit, Stamina, and Wisdom.

All of this is in preparation for us to offer magic and abilities, which include everything from shield use to enchanced attacks to buffs and healing. We'll also be rolling out a new buddy list and chat features soon.

Kingdoms, Plotting, Purchasing, and Grooming

A Real Smorgasbord

The Dandelion King has a mission for you, and Gaithra has a vision of some upcoming Goblin evil. Help them, and enjoy the new improved store interface as well as the Edgewood barbershop, which is now open for business.

Dwarven War Quests

Aiding the Soldiers

The Hermit wants to aid Vost's soldiers, and Hemlord needs your help constructing the Dwarven catapult. Two new quests await!

The Lonely Mountain Range and Dwarven Palace

Delivering the Dragon's Eye

Baron Vost has some new information on the Dragon's Eye. He'll need you to take it beyond Silverine to the Dwarven King, Thargen. Thargen's palace lies in the Lonely Mountain Range past Silverine Town, and the mountain caves are home to some very nasty wildlife! Fortunately, you can now set any inn to be your home, and after death or when you log in again you will respawn there. Handy for doing quests that take you to other parts of the world!

The level cap has been raised significantly, and new armor, clothes, and weapons have been added for use in the new levels. We're also working on some medium sized mini-quests that we'll be releasing soon. We heard you loud and clear on the forums and think we've finally found a good solution for a problem some players had with lower level monsters. Now you can kill them and still get a bit of loot, but in return they no longer miss all the time.

The Mountain Pass and Silverine

A new town is here!

Vost's Captain of the Guard has returned from the front, and has an urgent matter for your attention! It will take you through the wild mountain pass, and ends near the dwarven mining town of Silverine.

You'll need to be level 10 to reach the pass, and the level cap has been expanded again. Some new townsfolk await you as well... they'll become important later if you want to try on a new hairstyle or go to new lands!

We're also gearing up to release an expanded chat and buddy list system soon, as well as a new equipment stat system that will give your choices of how to develop your fighting style. We've been very busy listening carefully to player suggestions and expanding the game to include them as quickly as possible.

The Gristmill

Baron Vost's men need rations!

A new quest brings you to the Gristmill, which has been wrenched from the poor Miller's control. We added a bunch of new monsters, quests, and exploration for everyone. And the monsters all around Edgewood will progress further with you now, so you'll have more to battle at higher levels. The level cap has also been raised to 20!

It's been really crazy here - we've got a ton of cool new features coming to shadow tale, and we're working as hard as we can to get them ready for you. Sometimes sleep is overrated! :)

The Shadowlands

A spooky new underworld awaits...

We've added a whole new to explore, in the depths beneath the graveyard. And the level cap has been raised to 18 for everyone! Monsters are harder all-around for higher level players, with new food and equipment available as you level.

Various other little things have been done around the game and site, too. You now get a higher posting limit on the forums, and there's a loot indicator to show you which monsters have things you can take. We're in the process of getting some new areas ready including the first new town, and hope to have pets and some other fun new stuff for you soon!

Memberships Released

The Bandit Lair

The level cap has been raised to 15 for both free players and members alike. We expect to keep raising it as we release new level-appropriate content every few weeks.

You can now explore the Bandit Lair up in the treetops of Prindle Forest, kill spirits in the graveyard, and there's a small taste of what's to come in the Shadow Lands below.

Next release should include the full Shadowlands, and pets after that! Lots more features to throw in as well, like magic, shields, an upgraded stat system and more.

Open Beta Release


Yes, Shadowtale is now open to the public! We've been working for a long time to bring it to you, and all that hard work has finally paid off. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we love making it.

This is just the beginning. We'll be bringing you tons of great new content and gameplay. The world will keep expanding along with the storyline, and there will be lots of great new features like pets, magic, skills, and much more!

Some of the new features we're working on include:

  • Tons of new areas to explore and characters to meet
  • Sound effects
  • Pets
  • Boss monsters
  • Enhanced monster fighting styles
  • Magical abilities
  • Skill tree
  • Extensive stat system
  • Enchanted items
  • More weapon types (axes, maces, bows, etc.)
  • Chat improvements
  • Buddy list